我们的宗旨是在2022年底成为十亿美元的公司:Arvind Iyer,Cuemath
Arvind Iyer,营销总监Cuemath Quemath.
The platform underwent a rebranding recently, aimed at representing its evolution over the past 1.5 years

我们的宗旨是在2022年底成为十亿美元的公司:Arvind Iyer,Cuemath

The platform underwent a rebranding recently, aimed at representing its evolution over the past 1.5 years
  • 大流行已经帮助了 Edtech Sectorin India flourish. Many players have witnessed impressive growth since the lockdown led to closure of educational institutes.
  • Quemath., an edtech platform focused on Math and coding grew 3X last year and is expecting to top that this year. It is also confident of becoming a unicorn by 2022.
  • 我们谈谈 Arvind Iyer, Marketing Director, Quemath.谁告诉我们平台的增长故事,以及为其平台带来更多的学生。
The last one year has been a blessing in disguise for the edtech industry. While over the past few years the sector had being growing steadily, the pandemic gave the sector just the tailwind it needed.

According to a recent report released by transaction advisory firm RBSA Advisors, the 印度edtechsector will take off, from its current market size of about $700-800 million to $30 billion in the next 10 years.


Quemath.was started in 2013 by 马南·克尔玛谁刚刚毕业 印度理工学院(IIT)德里。毕业后,他开始教学,主要是数学,到很多有志愿者帮助他们破解Jee。他对许多学生的经历使他意识到他们大多数都没有明确对象的基本面。结果,他们正在努力与三角学和微积分等先进概念斗争。这导致了Cuemath的成因,以离线格式开始,但现在已经在线上线。


“数学是一种普遍的需求。这不是利基需要。世界各地的每个孩子都需要做数学。因此,每个学生都是我们的目标学生。因此,我们正在创造和增强我们的市场。由于数学是一个基本的全球要求,我们得到了比赛的优势,“营销总监Arvind Iyer表示,Cuemath。

Currently, Cuemath’s key markets are across four regions, North America and Canada; the Middle East, especially Dubai and Qatar, UK and Europe, where its business is growing steadily. The startup currently has plans of scaling 3-4X times in the US alone this year. “Cuemath is present in 20-odd countries, and it wants to reach over 50 countries by the end of this year. This plan includes strengthening its presence in North America, APAC, UK and Europe, and the Middle East, as well as entering countries in Africa and South America,” explained Iyer.


我们的宗旨是在2022年底成为十亿美元的公司:Arvind Iyer,Cuemath

解释重塑背后的思想,“我们想让父母和学生相信数学的力量及其解锁纯粹可能性的潜力。我们打算将自己作为一个品牌的结果,其中在考试中的数学胜过和表现。作为一家在地理位置规模上工作的公司,我们需要一个获胜的战略,将与我们的使命保持一致,成为未来的全球数学领导者 - 在全球范围内描绘信任,专业知识和新鲜度。这需要一种清新的方式来看待我们的品牌,视觉身份和我们的沟通目标,这些目标是:遇到的值得信赖但不正常,声音壮观但不是少年,以获得学术严格但不严格并被视为作为创新而不是newfangled。“

It has also refreshed its tagline to ‘Get better at Math, Get better at everything else’.

When it comes to marketing, the platform has been following a targeted approach, while monitoring its funnel conversion metrics closely. “We are constantly improving our communication assets to make them work harder for the parent, and get them to discover the Cuemath method. We believe in always adding value to the lives of parents, students and teachers. Everything we do is a reflection of what they seek and find useful. Having said that, our focus this year is going to be on building brand awareness and performance marketing to acquire new students through all our social, digital, TV and PR channels,” explained Iyer.

If a recent estimate from KPMG被认为,印度有超过3,500 Edtech Startups.。那么一个人如何破坏杂乱?“我强烈地认为,我们在Cuemath采用的教育学是为我们提供优势的主要因素。我们沉迷于拥有这种恒定的热情来帮助孩子,以便他或她的学习图保持更高。我们认为将数学作为一种生活技能,通过提高他们的批判性和分析思想,这使得许多我们的竞争对手不做的批判性和分析思想,“我们补充说。

Owing to the fact that the knowledge of Math is a universal requirement, Iyer is confident that they will be able to capture the global markets too. Since 2017, it has grown over 10 times, from Rs 15 crore to now a Rs 150 crore company. From 7000 students on its platform in 2017, the platform grew to 60,000 students in 2020. From 1000 in 2017, it increased its teachers count to 10,000 in 2020.